Saturdays 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


RISE Juniors is our younger training company. From 8 – 12yrs, they get experience in the foundations of contemporary technique and build skills in other styles. Creativity is encouraged and the young people are given their own opportunities to be creative and work together to make movement. 

They perform at various events such as Stages at Colston Hall, Bristol Harbour Festival, REACH and various schools Christmas and summer shows.

Teaching for RISE is always a pleasure and an honour. Being part of this ‘family’ and helping to develop the talents of so many young people is extremely rewarding. From the youngest juniors up to the more senior dancers, witnessing and guiding their development is a joy. Playing a role in the journey of RISE dancers and watching them grow, not only as dancers but as people is something very special indeed.
— Luke Antysz (Associate Director)

For more information please contact risejuniors@gmail.com