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On Saturday the 8th December Performance Group were lucky enough to perform alongside Dance students at Bath Spa University at one of their many performances throughout the year. There was a variety of dance pieces performed by the University students. Performance Group had the privilege to watch these pieces and then perform in the matinee and evening shows.

‘Go Placidly Amid The Noise’ was choreographed for Performance Group by our Associate Director Luke Antysz. The piece explored themes of individuality and identity.

“We stand alone in the crowd and strive to maintain our individuality, yet seek solace in those whose paths we cross. Do we need the testament of others in order to hold the integrity , or does surrounding ourselves in fact initiate the deterioration of our character?”

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Performance Group said…

What was your favourite part of the day?

Greta: Definitely rehearsing and spending time with Performance group to form a closer bond which can be seen by how we perform together

Zerya:  My favourite part of the day was our performance in the matinee as it was the first time I properly felt the power of the piece, and when we came off and Helen and Luke said we looked amazing so I felt really proud of us all.

What did you find interesting about the pieces performed by the students at Bath Spa? And do you feel you learnt anything from them?

Sophie: I loved seeing the pieces the third years had been working on. For me, the pieces showed me that dance can be a medium to entertain or convey a story through as well, because the students' dances were very different to the pieces I have experienced in Rise. I loved the use of costumes and props to inspire choreography and make it especially engaging.

Flo: I could tell how much dancing meant to each student, their dances were unique and carefully rehearsed.

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What have you most enjoyed about your experience working on this piece?

Silas: Working on this piece with Luke has been great as it has really felt like a collaboration with us because we have been able to create a lot of the movement ourselves so it has become more personal and moulded to our strengths.

Sophie: I think my favourite thing about our piece is that its structure allows us to celebrate different dancers as individuals as they have special moments dedicated to them.

Zerya: I've enjoyed learning the sections of this piece and even helping to make some sections, but I've most enjoyed the transition from learning the phrases to perfecting them and making the piece performance-ready.

What does the title “Go Placidly Amid The Noise” mean to you in the context of this piece?

Sophie: To me the title means we should resist the temptation of the frenzy of trends and instead find peace in being truthful to ourselves


How do you think the theme of identity was explored in this piece?

Zerya: This piece has interestingly explored identity as it shows how some people are influenced by others and follow a group in order to fit in, and yet some choose not to be influenced and follow their own path because they understand their identity.