During Half term week the RISE Company took part in #TheEdge

The Edge was an immersive, promenade performance that explored the heights and depths of the ‘reality’ fame machine: wealth, greed, and the need to be better than you are. Young people performing as dancers, singers and actors and everything in between were brought together to create this thought provoking and challenging show.


We spoke to some of the RISE performers about how they got on…

What did you enjoy most about working on and performing the show?

Amelia: It was really fun to do a show with so many people involved. Having the whole performance in different rooms on different floors was also really awesome.


Maya: I enjoyed most being able to dance at the same time as having fun and joking around with all my friends!

What did you find most challenging?

Amelia: Being in both the main dance section as well as the transitions was really difficult, especially having some high energy pieces one after the other.

Maya: Most challenging for me was finding the confidence to act at the same time as dancing during the dance battles and finding and keeping the energy up by improvising around the outside of the stage.

What was it like to perform right in front of people as opposed to onstage?

Amelia: It was a really different feeling when it came to the stairwell pieces, I was surprised to see how much the audience enjoyed transitions! I felt it was a lot more emotional performing directly to people, it was so fun.

Maya: Performing right in front of people was really fun because it felt more casual and so I felt less pressure but at the same time I had to remember to stay in character the whole time because you were constantly being watched by the audience when you were and weren’t performing.


The show focused on the darker side of fame and the reality TV talent shows we have all become accustomed to – what do you think about the topic you performed?

Amelia: There definitely is a problem in recognising limits in reality TV. I think many of these shows strip away the concept of privacy, it’s sad to think about the personal consequences of that.

Maya: I think it was soooooo cool that we were able to dance about a important topic that not many people are aware of including me (before being involved in the show) and I think everyone should be more aware of how unreal reality tv actually is. I think this is really important because young people at the moment are surrounded by so many unrealistic expectations so being able to understand the actual process is really important!