What is it like being part of RISE this year?

Vinnie: I’m really excited to be a part of RISE this year. It’s been awesome to have such a great group of new dancers join the company, especially as they all have such brilliant energy and we all get along so well! I can’t wait to bond with everybody this year and create some amazing dance, RISE-style!

Amelia: It’s really awesome to be one of the older members that the younger ones look up to. I also love seeing a lot of last year’s horizon and junior members joining RISE and growing as dancers.

Lily: Really fun, but different as performance group have separated.

Erin: Being part of RISE this year is really cool because I have met a lot of different people and made new friends. I also really like it because this is my second year in RISE and I feel a lot more confident.

Amali: Being part of RISE this year is so much fun and just the best experience.


What is best thing about RISE?

Vinnie: There’s no one best thing about RISE! The love and support within the company, the laughs, the excellent teachers and trainers, and the range of dance projects and styles all play a part towards making RISE a phenomenal company. To pick one thing, though - I would say getting to see people grow and become stronger and more confident in themselves. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Amelia: RISE is almost like a second family. It’s always so supportive and it offers so much in terms of developing in dance as well as offering important life skills.

Lily: The best thing is getting to know new people and dances and being part of a big family.

Erin: The best thing about RISE is all the amazing opportunities we are given. I have had the chance to perform in lots of different places and lots of different events and even had discounts on some amazing shows in Bristol.

Amali: The best part of RISE is the community, everyone is so nice and welcoming.


What is the hardest bit about RISE?

Vinnie: Getting up at 7 on a Saturday! Honestly, though, my answer to this would be going through those times when you feel less confident in yourself and when just showing up to a rehearsal can feel really difficult. Although dancing is a fun and social activity, there are times when you can feel like you’re not ‘good enough’ or that you’re not reaching a level that you’d like to be at. These times of self-doubt can be tricky to deal with, but ultimately are such an amazing part of the growth in self-confidence that comes with dancing - and the kindness I’ve experienced within RISE towards people going through hard times makes them a million times easier to get through.

Amelia: For first year it was hard for me to work out how to balance weekend rehearsals with other responsibilities, especially doing GCSEs. Second year round though, I’m much more confident.

Lily: Personally, I find contemporary quite difficult.

Erin: The hardest thing about RISE is learning different styles. This requires a lot of confidence and self-belief , I find this hard because sometimes it can be kind of scary, but then when you get something right in the performance or something, you feel really good.

Amali: The hardest part of RISE is probably how achy you are the day after.


Are you excited to be performing The Edge at the Arnolfini on the 30th October?

Vinnie: Sadly I’m not going to be performing at the Arnolfini on October 30th, but the work RISE dancers have been putting into the show has been incredible to see and has produced some exciting and captivating choreography. Good luck to all the Risers who are performing in the Edge, and I would definitely recommend to anyone to go and see it!

Amelia: Totally! I really enjoyed doing the Rights to Move show with CYN last year and loved all the ideas behind it, it’s great to do another project with them.

Lily: Yes I’m very exited, but nervous.

Erin: I’m really excited about performing at the Arnolfini, its gonna be really fun and really cool, and an amazing opportunity. I’m excited because it isnt a show with just RISE, instead its got people from all over bristol.

Amali: I am extremely exited for The Edge as it will be my first performance with RISE and I expect it will be a lot of fun!