The RISE Trainee Scheme is in it’s third year, and moving from strength to strength! Our Trainee Alumni are heading out into the world and making room for our most recent Trainee, Connie Cheeseman! We spoke to her to see how she was getting on…


What made you apply?

I've always wanted to have a year off after finishing my A-levels and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to improve my fitness and technique before going into future training. I'm also interested in the range of jobs available to a dance artist rather than just straight performing, therefore the insight into the various aspects of being a dance artist available on the scheme really appealed to me.

How're you finding it so far?

I'm absolutely loving the scheme so far, it's been so nice to get back into training after a long summer off, the variety of teaching I've experienced so far has been really positive and I've been made to feel really welcome into RISE by everybody.


What has been your favourite part of the scheme so far?

So far I've really enjoyed having all the different aspects of the scheme so it's really difficult to pick a favourite part, however I'd probably have to say either the technique classes or experiencing teaching dance to children in a primary school

What are you most excited for this year?

I'm really excited for the various performance opportunities I'll have, I've already got a CYN performance and a performance at Bath Spa before the Christmas break!