How are you enjoying performance group so far?

Silas: I’m really loving Pgroup so far! We are being taught by Luke on a Saturday and B [Batel] on a Thursday and I love both of their classes, so I’m enjoying being taught by them both!

Sadie: I am loving Pgroup! It's been so nice to start working together as the new part of the company!

Sophie: I'm really enjoying Pgroup so far this year. I am loving working towards a piece with Luke!

Flo: I am really enjoying my first year at Pgroup, I feel like, as it is a small group everyone is improving so fast.

Greta: I’m really enjoying pgroup so far this year. Being new to Pgroup, an exciting part of it is focusing on creating a piece which is longer and more difficult than pieces in core RISE.

Jacob: I’m really enjoying Pgroup; its exciting to try new and inventive ways of moving and performing.


If you are a Pgroup veteran how does it compared to last year, now that Pgroup is a separate company?

Silas: I really like the change. It feels like we are getting more individual attention which is nice because it means we can improve quicker!

Sadie: The change is good! I feel we are getting higher level training and it's nice as we are getting more individual help.

Sophie: Performance group this year is different because we have Thursdays with B so we are getting a change of technique class. Also it is nice to be in a smaller group because there is more focus on each person.


What is most challenging about Pgroup?

Silas: I think the most challenging part of Pgroup is the pieces as they are always much harder technically, but I really feel I am improving with each rehearsal.

Sadie: The most challenging part is definitely the choreography and tasks we've been doing towards the piece, however it's definitely worth it, seeing it come together.

Sophie: The most challenging part of Pgroup is some of B's technique exercises because she really pushes us out of our comfort zone.

Greta: The most challenging part of Pgroup is being pushed technically through a variety of exercises in class.

Flo: I am really looking forward to seeing our piece done and being performed, the choreography is the most challenging part however is helping us improve each week.

Jacob: The biggest challenge is techniques during our warm up!


What are you most looking forward to this year?

Silas: I would have to say I am most looking forward to the piece we are working at the moment, as I am really liking how it is looking so far and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Sadie: I am most looking forward to finishing the piece and being able to perform it all together as the first performances as a company.

Sophie: I am most looking forward to becoming close as a company and having a beautiful finished piece.

Greta: I most looking forward to completing the piece and being able to perform it with the rest of the company. I’m also looking forward to working with the rest of the core company and creating relationships with them too.

Jacob: I’m most looking forward to finishing our piece, seeing the final look and how it will turn out.