Erin is one our junior teachers, teaching in schools and after school clubs for RISE Youth Dance. She's a valuable member of our team and we spoke to her to see how she is finding this year with!


How did you get involved with RISE?

After graduating, I moved back to my hometown Bristol and felt a bit out of my depth. I was attending loads of classes to try and see what opportunities I could get involved in and met Helen where she informed me about her training programme at RISE. I instantly felt part of the family from then on in.

How are you finding working with RISE?

erin chiers 2.jpg

Loving it! I have a real passion for teaching and allowing people to be involved in dance; to experience dance. I am now teaching a variety of ages, abilities and environments which is allowing me to progress and develop my understanding of teaching techniques. RISE always works together, and creatively we all share ideas and bounce off each other which is lush!

What other projects are you up to at the moment?

Along with teaching for RISE I also work part time as Education and Development Assistant Coordinator at Swindon Dance which I’m really loving! Having the chance to put ideas forward, following them up and making them actually happen is great! I also assist in their inclusive dance group Salto! Juniors which has always been something I wanted to be involved in, the kids are so fab! Me and my St Bonaventures KS1 dance group are working towards a performance for Stages 2018 which they are incredibly excited about!! We are working really hard to promote our new Horison South class this year, make people aware of the new class for young dancers living in the South of Bristol. Thinking ahead to the summer, me and fellow RISE techer Dee will also be putting our heads together for this years RISE Summer School. And of course, this year is the big 10 year anniversary, so all guns blazing in the lead up to REACH in April! 2018 - very exciting