This half term, instead of relaxing and being off school like most teenagers, the RISE performance group spent the entire week working hard at RISE Intensive Training!

Each performance group member spent 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, taking class and learning the new UDance piece. This group are so dedicated we even had poor Faye break her hand on the Monday and still attend the rest of the week!

We spoke to some of the young people to see how they were finding the week!

How have you found the intensive week?

Zerya: The intensive week has been incredibly challenging and tiring, but also really exciting and generally a joyful experience.

Silas: Hard, but when we repeat exercises everyday I can see how I am improving and building strength.


Faye: I’ve found the intensive week intense, fun, tiring, challenging, exciting and has made me feel a stronger and more experienced dancer.

Sadie: It's very intense and challenging but so good to see how our bodies are improving and getting stronger each day.

Alamay: The intensive week has definitely pushed us all to our limits but we’ve all bonded as a group and it’s great seeing us all developing and getting stronger over the week.

Sophie: The two of the days this week I attended have been more challenging than the whole of Duke of Edinburgh that meant I couldn't make the other three! I have really enjoyed being pushed like a proffessional and feeling out of breath continuously for 6 hours.

What do you think about the piece?

Zerya: I think the piece is great even at this point and will look amazing when it's finished, so I think we will have a great chance of getting into Udance.


Silas: I love how the piece is looking, it is really interesting and a lot more mentally challenging, which is good.

Faye: I'm loving the piece so far. I love trying new interesting moves and working as a team. It feels great to dance and is really exciting to watch it all coming together.

Sadie: I love how the piece looks, I think it’s different, exciting and powerful.

Alamay: I love the piece so far, the choreography is great and as a collective it looks really nice. There is still room for us to clean it up but I’m excited to see the final product.

Sophie: The piece is unlike any piece I have done before, I love the music and I constantly have to be counting or thinking about where I need to be. The piece makes use of everybodys' skills to create the best movement.

What has been your favourite part of the week?


Zerya: My favorite part of the week was, after lots of trys and practices, we finally nailed the opening section, also the jelly bean game was pretty fun too.

 Silas: I think my favourite part of the week so far has been bonding as a group, this week has given me a chance to get to know some of the new people and more about the people I already knew.

Faye: My favourite part of this week have been making our solos and improving on them, as well as getting to know everyone better.

Sadie: My favourite part of the week has been creating a new tight relationship as a group and really building a strong bond.

Alamay: My favourite part of the week is seeing us all bond together and create a safe and fun atmosphere whenever we’re together.

Sophie: My favourite part of the week was at the end of Thursday when we started to see how the piece fitted together and felt like we had only one day left to polish and finish.