Luke antysz - JUNIORs director


Luke graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2009. During his training he performed in works by Merce Cunningham, Siobhan Davies and Richard Alston, touring London and Europe with LC3 Company. 

Luke is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with 3rd Stage Dance Company, teaching professional and community classes in Bristol and Bath. For the company he also leads outreach projects within healthcare and educational settings, and creates and performs work with the company's professional artists. He also works as a freelance performer for various choreographers, most recently working as a dancer for Alex Howard's 'Without Measure', a site specific research and performance project beginning in 2014. Luke currently teaches at Swindon Dance, running contemporary classes for adults and young people, including YDA students for the Centre for Advanced Training and Boy's companies DBoys and Stereotype. Luke is passionate about delivering high quality dance training in a nurturing and supportive environment .



Deanna roberts

After 10 years participating and performing for the youth company as a founding member, Deanna is now proudly teaching under the RISE name. Newly graduated (2017) Deanna is only just entering into the dance industry, where she is now focusing on sustaining a freelance lifestyle as a dancer, performer, choreographer but main focus of practice, teaching. 

Teaching styles of dance has become a new passion of Deanna's journey, exploring styles within street dance and carnival culture. Teaching these style correctly and educating those with the background and formation is something again Deanna continues to do within her classes. 

As well as working for RISE Youth Dance, Deanna also takes on many other teaching opportunities throughout Bristol delivering classes of many ages and styles of dance. Deanna is also currently involved in the Creative Youth Network at The Station named as an Alumni, where she can develop her working practice. Deanna attends further afield classes on a weekly basis to keep fresh with movement vocabulary, to educate further and pass on this knowledge to those that she teaches and to develop herself and future ambitions.  

Learning something new each day is something Deanna continues to do in order to grow as an artist. RISE Youth Dance will always be close to Deanna's heart  as she works hard to give back to those all that was given to her.


Erin Chivers

After graduating from Middlesex University in 2016 with a degree in Dance Studies, Erin moved back to her hometown, Bristol where she began working with RISE Youth Dance Company.  

Throughout her studies Erin immersed herself in any teaching opportunity available,  as well as interning at Tavaziva Dance and Green Candle Dance Company, and it was through these opportunities that she found her passion in Teaching. Since moving back to Bristol and being introduced to Helen Wilson, Erin has interned for RISE Youth Dance Company where she has had the opportunity to deliver weekly dance classes to children and young people, to coordinate events and receive regular feedback from Helen herself. Along with this, Erin has taught for OvDa company and Superstars where she has delivered dance classes to students within their curriculum.

Alongside working for RISE Erin is currently education and development assistant coordinator at Swindon Dance where she works very closely in the coordination of youth groups including SYDCo, Just for Boys and PhenoMENal. Erin is very passionate about accessibility and opportunity; for every person to be able to experience dance and movement and is looking forward to a future with RISE Youth Dance Company.